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The most stable and secure local backup we've ever used.  EaseUS  makes cloning your entire system (operating system, applications and data) easier than ever before.

At a cost of only $39.99 per business-class workstation license, this is the least expensive business-grade system backup solution we offer. 

We specialize in protecting your data at all levels. We offer several types of backup from stored-at-your location files and image-based backups to HIPAA compliant secure cloud backup that's second to none, we have you covered.

Brown Bag Backup  is the World's Easiest to use thumb drive-based backup. We have written this backup to be inexpensive and simple to use for basic documents and picture backup for any type of Windows desktop or laptop computer.

At only $39.95 including a 16 GB flash drive, backup can't get any easier.

If you're just concerned about your documents and a small number of photos and/or music files, Brown Bag Backup might be perfect for you.

If you need guaranteed up-time for a business computer, you might want to consider  EaseUS Todo Workstation  to ensure you can bring your computer back from the "dead" if your hard drive ever crashes.

If you have a lot of data and/or are concerned about the possibility of fire damage or theft,  CrashPlan PROe  is the way to go.

There are many scenarios to consider and we can help you decide what's best for your personal computer or your business network.



Bullet proof off-site cloud-based backup redefined.  CrashPlan PROe  allows residential and small business clients to experience an Enterprise-grade backup solution at a price almost anyone can afford. HIPAA compliant encryption, Enterprise-grade security and redundant file storage is all included.

At $14.99 per month, this solution allows you to backup an unlimited amount of data on up to 4 different computers to your own secured cloud account.

Please contact us and let us get you setup. The better value PROe is purchased from Certified resellers like Midwest PROTECH and we can answer any questions you might have.


We specialize in data recovery from all types of media from flash cards to SSD drives and traditional hard drives. We also partner with  Drive Savers  in the event that clean-room recovery is needed.

Don't wait or continue to attempt to restore your data if you're having difficulty. A failing hard drive will only run for so long in many cases and the quicker you get your data off the better your chances of recovery.

Call us any time for a no-charge consultation right over the phone or stop in any time.