We have been doing data recovery since we opened our doors back in 2007. From repairing broken USB drives, pulling data off failing hard drives and recovering data from flash drives, we have you covered. Unlike our competitors, we don't charge special rates for data recovery. If the process takes us two hours, you'll pay for two hours of service. If the recovery takes us 30 minutes, then you'll pay for a half and hour of service.

In the event that we can't access the data off your failing media, we partner with DriveSavers to offer the best-in-class data recovery services anywhere in Cincinnati. No shipping costs, our reseller discount and rapid turn-around times are all standard - all the time.

We use many tools to access failing drives including:

  • ​Proprietary low-level scanning software

  • Electrical repairs of broken connectors, failed solder joints and damaged hard drive boards

  • Sector-by-sector image cloning using various tools

Please contact us as soon as possible after a failure is detected. The more you attempt to access data off a failing drive, the greater the risk of the drive failing completely.


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