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Click the button below to send a low-sensitivity file or files (application installations, general document, etc.) to Midwest PROTECH. This link is accessible to the public and is NOT secure so do not use this link to transfer documents that are sensitive in nature.

Encrypted File Transfer

If prompted by your support representative, click the aeroadmin button below.

Click the Sookasa logo below to send a file securely to Midwest PROTECH, LLC

Remote Support

Call us anytime:

Click the button below and run the small program that will be downloaded onto your computer. The program will be called SplashtopSOS  and need to allow it to run in order to complete the remote connection with your support representative.

You will be given a 9 digit numeric code by the Splashtop application (it may take a minute or so), please give that to your support representative to start your support session.

Windows      Mac

We use Splashtop for our secure remote support. Only your support representative can access your system and only during the session you approve while at your computer.

To create a new ticket or check the status of an open ticket with Midwest PROTECH, click on the RepairShopr link below.