"I have never received such service from any company. The service here is unparalleled. I have peace of mind knowing that I can ask them any question, big or small, and they respond promptly. I don't know what our small business would do without them!"​


Amy P. - Mason, Ohio



"I had major issues trying to upgrade to Windows 10 - everything went black at the end. Rushed over to Midwest Protech and they went above and beyond to get me up and running quickly and effectively. My livelihood depends on my PC so I greatly appreciate the great service they always provide. Thanks!!"

Charles F. - Cincinnati, Ohio


"The good folks at Midwest PROTECH were referred to us by one of our agents over 3 years ago. At that time we had used several competitors but none of them had been as accommodating and successful as Matt and Rodney at finding solutions to our daily technology issues. It is extremely comforting to know that we will receive prompt, efficient service every time will get on the Bat-phone and call Midwest PROTECH for help! Keep up the great work!"


Mike R. - Cincinnati, Ohio



"I've been quite happy with the service of your company. I appreciate the little extras you do to make my computer happy. I have referred friends and family to you based on my experience with your company."

Kathy R. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Thank you for your help in getting our laptop do what it was supposed to do. Now I know where to take my other computer for service and who to recommend when my friends ask me if I know someone who I trust with my computers."

Juanita N. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Thank you for helping me. I know I can count on prompt and excellent service. I am so glad I found your company."

Debbie - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Excellent service; good explanations and good results on a laptop I was on the verge of replacing! Works great now!"

TJ C. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"It's a relief to know we can call Midwest PROTECH for personal assistance to protect our computer & remove any viruses. I've found that you can't trust many sites that are supposed to direct you to customer service for Dell, Epson, etc but are in fact bogus sites. Midwest PROTECH is the only one I trust. I highly recommend them for their integrity, knowledge, availability & follow up. It gives me great peace of mind to have them to call with any computer issues."

Mary Ann W. - Beavercreek, Ohio
"Always knowledgeable, always prompt and always reasonably priced. Matt and his people at Midwest PROTECH keep our company's computers working."

Jerry L. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"Excellent work at a very fair price."

Chuck S. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have been working with Matt and the guys at Midwest Protech for many years. They have helped me with many IT problems to numerous to list. They have also built computer systems that saved me money compared to the big box stores. Knowledgeable, fast, friendly and priced right! What more can your ask for."

Joe B. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"We started working with Midwest PROTECH for our personal computers a few years ago and have been very impressed with them. When we launched our business there was no doubt who we would have for our IT partner. Midwest PROTECH has always been at the ready with their professional approach and tremendous scope of experience for both our personal and business IT needs...I often highly recommend Midwest PROTECH to my friends and business associates."

Mark D. - Cincinnati, Ohio

 "Thank you for your kind treatment...My computer is very important to me to stay in touch with friends, etc."

Pauline R. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. I will send my friends and relatives your way."

Leslie - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Just wanted to tell you again thanks for the wonderful job you did fixing and cleaning my laptop. I can't believe how nice it sounds and runs! It's almost like brand new! I will let everyone I know about the wonderful and friendly service I received. Thanks again!"

Chris R. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Really thought I was going to have to purchase a new desktop. The fan/motor was getting louder by the day and just died. Rodney looked it over and it turns out the previous computer repair co. had installed the wrong size motor. Rodney did the repairs and Saved me 300.00$+. Wow, what a relief for me. You will be very happy with your positive results as well. 5 Stars in my book!!"

John S. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"A great place to bring your computer for all services. Nice company with great people who you can trust to take care of you. Guess what??? The Price is Right!!!"

Christine - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Our Dell tower had us at our wits end. Its speed was nearing zero. A friend recommended Midwest PROTECH. Their diagnosis was right and bill was very reasonable (Jack knows, he paid numerous computer service invoices before retirement). We were so impressed with Midwest PROTECH’s work, integrity and “plain English” explanations that we signed up for remote service and are pleased with that too. Forget big box and big name alternatives; you want these folks for all your IT needs!"

Jack & Linda L. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"I would like everyone to know how much I appreciate Midwest PROTECH. I have been using their service since 2007 and have always had great service and the problem always was corrected on a timely basis. I have used other service companies in the past and never received the problem solving techniques that are used by Midwest PROTECH. The service is the best I have ever received and yes their prices are less than any of their competitors. This company is a keeper for me. Thanks to Matt and Rodney"

Jim M. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"Try them, you will like them. Great service and expertise. Good advice when you call them or email them."

Tom A. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"I recently took my ASUS notebook into Midwest PROTECH when it wouldn't power up. I was expecting a big expense and a length delay. They called me back within a day and told me it was a power cord problem that could be fixed at a minimal cost. They could have invented a "problem" and inflated the charges and I wouldn't have known the difference. Instead they lived up to their motto of "Integrity, Honesty, Value". I would give them a 5 star rating."

Michael C. - Cincinnati, Ohio


"My name is Tony S. and I recently had my HP laptop screen replaced by you. Just as a follow up, the screen works great and it seems like a flawless replacement. I know it could be easy to rip off a regular "Joe" like me in terms of price, so I want to especially thank you for your honesty along the way (unlike those folks at Geek S**** ahem ahem...). I appreciate your business and if I ever have a similar issue in the future, you're the first place I'll turn. Thanks again!"

Tony S. - Cincinnati, Ohio
"...everything is working well with the computer. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service, truly. I am back on-line and able to work on my projects. And thank you for helping me "remotely" - that was really neat. I will stay in touch.

P.S. You have something great, so keep it up. I was asked how much the repair cost. When I shared it, the response was 'WOW! what a deal - that's great.' And it came from a computer tech!"

Stephanie - Cincinnati, Ohio


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