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We are offering a discount on our support service pricing to all attendees of our IT 101 class.  Our current pricing for service is $115 per hour.  Attendees of our IT 101 class will be offered service at $99 per hour moving forward.  After the class sessions, all attendees will be given a short test, upon passing the test, a certificate will be presented that will go on file to ensure attendees are given the reduced support rate on any services obtained from Midwest PROTECH.



Education Hotline

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Training Classes - Group & Private

We are now offering training classes to groups and to private individuals and organizations. Our first class is IT 101 where we'll cover the basics of computer usage, troubleshooting, malware clean-up and safe web browsing. This course will focus on Microsoft Windows 10 and will touch on Windows 7 and earlier versions.

NOTE: This course does not apply to any other computer types like Apple computers, Chromebooks, Linux, etc.

We have two classes starting on two different days and times - LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, SIGN-UP EARLY!:

IT 101 - Computer Foundations & Basics

September 10th at 6 pm - second session on September 11th at 6 pm

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September 20th at 2 pm - second session on September 21st at 2 pm

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Each class session will be 2 hours (a total of 4 hours of training). The second class session can be taken on any available second session day/time (as indicated above).  We understand that individual schedules may make it difficult to attend both sessions back to back. However, we do recommend taking both sessions back-to-back when possible as the class dynamic and topics can vary slightly between sessions.  

If you need to attend the second session at a different day/time, please notify the session teacher so we can ensure there is enough space available on the session date you would like to attend.

The IT 101 topics discussed will be:

  • Explanation of basic computer hardware
  • Restarting and resetting laptops
  • Safely dealing with various malware/virus issues
  • Protecting your computer from infections, adware, etc.
  • Safely browsing the Internet
  • and more!

All sessions will include light refreshments including water & coffee.

You can call to sign-up via credit card online by clicking the link below:

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Private Class are available upon request.  Pricing will vary depending upon the material covered and the amount of time necessary for covering the content.  Please reach out to us directly at education@midwestprotech.com or call our education hot line at: (513) 285-7741

NOTE: Class space is first-come-first-served.  If any classes fill up before we can get you scheduled, we'll reach out to you with options.