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70% of the people hackers and fraudulent callers target are senior citizens and young adults!


At least 40% of the world is affected each day


We started working with Webroot SecureAnywhere  over a year ago in an attempt to find a better anti-virus product for our clients that didn't nag for renewal annually, require re-activations and come with annoying pop-ups.

We settled on Webroot SecureAnywhere for a number of reasons:

  • American owned and developed. Founded in 1997, Webroot a privately held security company based in Colorado
  • Continuous activation - no re-installs, re-activations or re-licensing to deal with for the life of the product
  • Affordable annual fee of $39.99 per computer - it's really worth it, free AV products don't offer as much protection and it will wind up costing you in the long run if you're not using a good paid AV product
  • Managed End-point solution allowing us to help our clients identify and remove viruses right over the phone if necessary - many of these services provided at no charge to you!

Webroot SecureAnywhere is hands-down the most efficient anti-virus product we've ever worked with. Fast installation, less memory and CPU utilization (in other words, allows your computer to run faster) and built in web filter to prevent infections better than most traditional AV products.

This Webroot SecureAnywhere product is typically sold in 5-count minimums but as a reseller for Webroot, we are able to sell individual licenses so even home and small business clients with less than 5 computers can get the same level of protection as larger businesses.

Click here for more information on Webroot SecureAnywhere or call or email us  if you want to get it installed on your computer(s). 


You can get a virus by checking your email and not clicking on links


All internet email domains are required to have some form of protection to protect themselves legally and their users 



Over 500+ forms of Malware and viruses are created each day.  Stay proactive and save your files on your PC